Thursday, September 30, 2010

Taking stock in YOURSELF

Ok today is about self development and improvement. I'm taking an online class to learn more about psp (Paint Shop Pro) which is a major tool in this candy wrapping venture and I've already gotten an email from my tutor with my assingments in addition to homework!!

It is only a two week course so I'm about to gett'er done!!

Later I will have an audio teleconference about staying focused and eliminating procrastination - can't wait!

Will update you later as to my thoughts on the teleconference and I've already printed down my assignments and homework for psp. YES!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Step at A Time

Although you must take one step at a time you must also not get in your own way with procrastination.
I have entered into this great new world of candy wrapping and found a new income source in addition to a great supportive environment.

I have yet to hear it spoken but they all appear to live one of the things that I believe "Each One Teach One".

I plan to use my blog to promote customized wrappers and to display graphics that I've designed.

I will also share or enhance the spotlight by utlizing assorted graphics from other designers that allow such utilization of their creations, so please stop by again to watch the growth takes place, because as I grow in knowledge my blog will grow.

Be Blessed

Thought for sharing - Remember if you ask God to place you on the right path,
make sure you are ready to move your feet.