Friday, July 4, 2014

Starting All Over Again......

I was focused on my blog then life barged in knocking down doors and taking out windows, between back to back family funerals, full-time job in transition and going to school part-time in addition to my last child being in a traveling volleyball league. I was about to drown.

My head is barely above water at this point so I'm trying to refocus on my blog and I thank all of you that still follow and support me.

I currently taking an online Business Marketing class so I started a home business and if you're interested I'll show you the business but right now what I'm looking for is support in starting a trial group of 10 currently I have 6 people for a very simple marketing project. If you can help me please send an email to, Thanks in advance 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

                                                Smaller Steps are ok too......

Some of us think that we should give up when things don't work out as planned well that's so not the road to take, we should just start again and go slower when headed towards the goal.

Set the goal (sometimes we aim just a little too high as we can always decrease our reach)
Now break that goal into reachable steps ( in 6months where do you want to be)
Then break that into smaller steps ( what do I need to do to reach my 6month goal)
Now lets get to walking those steps, smaller and more focused steps

Keep in mind if a something blocks or impedes your steps lets go around or over it but keep moving forward.

Angel Girl

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Transformer Returns

        I've been neglecting my blog and for my followers
                                       I do apologize.

I've been going through for some time now and I'm still transforming myself. I plan to return to Wrap Candy but here is a picture of things I've been working on, I will post more and restructure my blog this weekend.

             Yes I've been designing and creating Jewelry!!

my table at the fair

black and white affair