Friday, May 20, 2011


As graduation comes closer I find myself reflecting on all the things that have quickly passed, the people, the time and the desires that we all have to make things different.

I look at my last child growing like a weed in the summer (she's 14 & 5'7") who will now be off to high school and I think wasn't it just yesterday that I brought her home from the hospital. Wow?! Now she's talking Volley Ball, Basket Ball and Cheerleading Wow!!

As I reflect on all the time that has past and I watch her follow in some of my creative footsteps I just wonder where the time has gone and whats next on the road ahead.
Now all that being said I've decided to make some changes to my business ventures to go into effect by the earliest July or years end at the latest as before I know it the nest will be empty and I don't want to be just starting to really focus.

Now I must go create some things as that's where my list start.