Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Change is Coming

I originally wanted to write tonight about relationships and expectations then I realized this wasn't the forum for that so thought I'd just drop a note for the devil we all fight " Procrastination".

Procrastination saps strength and stalls putting ideas into motion. We must all find a place that gives us that kick in the pants to keep moving forward and my place is WrapCandy, where I haven't been since my fall.
There will always be something or someone trying to put up a roadblock just remember not to help them put it there - make it move.

Well I'm slowly working on things and getting flyers, card and other promo stuff together  so the thought we should all remember and reinforce in not only ourselves but those around us is avoid procrastination it is the the downfall of all we are trying to do.

Tonight I am on a forward moving path so I've started with this blog entry then off to create or to try to create somethings for some upcoming events then before this weekend ends I will touch base with my strength - WrapCandy.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this share on Procrastination. I too have a problem with procrastination and need a kick in the pants to get moving forward.

    I am new to WrapCandy and loving ever minute I spend on the site.

    Thanks again,